Wednesday, August 7, 2013


In 15 hours I will be having my laparascopy and ovarian drilling, and honestly at this moment all I am dreading is the hours before where I won't be allowed to eat anything. My blood sugar drops pretty drastically, and makes me woozy I get REALLY cranky... I am hoping the adrenaline and anxiety will keep most of those symptoms at bay. I am also trying to eat a little before midnight and stay up as late as possible so I can sleep through most of it until I have to go, but as it is with most things, because I can't eat it will probably be worse than if I had just not wanted to. But before I know it I will have an IV in me with fluids and glorious anxiety meds and I will drift off to sleep, wake up a few hours later dazed and confused and start the recovery process.
My niece keeps asking me if I am nervous, and I am a little because of the unknowns, but I trust my doctor (obviously) and most importantly, I trust God. I know that this needs to happen, and He is guiding me through the whole thing and will hold my hand and guide my Dr.'s as he performs the procedure. I can't worry or do anything about those unknowns so the best I can do is just let it go.

Because I believe in God's mercy and grace I ask for your prayers for a smooth surgery and a speedy, easy recovery, and many enjoyable hours with friends, family and David Tennant ;)

See you on the other side!

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  1. My heart hurts at the unfairness of you having to do all this, but I also feel hope for you, even if your hope is starting to wear thin. You never know what will make the crazy miraculous biology of conception work, and maybe this surgery will help it along.

    I've been thinking of you and praying for you today. I know God is with you and your wonderful hubby. Rest up!

    Love, Katherine