Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Writing Assignment #2: Untruths vs. Truths

Things I tell myself about myself     UNTRUTHS

  • I do not have a feminine body and am not sexy
  • Not being attractive is why I have difficulty keeping friends
  • I am not as intelligent as I wish I were
  • I procrastinate so much that I will never amount to anything
  • Others are more successful than I am because I am mediocre at everything I do
  • I am selfish and don't do enough for others
  • I am a hypocrite because I live my life the way I judge others of doing

My truths and virtues
  • My body is my own and a generous gift from God and I love myself just as I am. Sexy is a state of mind and there is nothing more sexy than confidence
  • I am a loyal and caring friend and that is why I am blessed with as many friends as I have in my life. Friends leave because that is the way life is, we grow and we change and we need different support at different times in our lives.
  • I am smart and capable. I can follow along and contribute in conversations of varying subjects
  • Allowing time for myself is not a reason to feel guilty. It is healthy and necessary and the small amount of time I take for myself will help me become the person who I want to be
  • I should not measure my worth and success against others who are on different paths than mine. I should measure my worth and success by how much I give of myself to the things that make me happy and feel satisfied.
  • Giving of myself to others is something that I truly enjoy and is as equally important to give time to others as it is for myself
  • I am not perfect, neither is anyone else. All I can do is continue to love God and give Glory to His name and be forgiving of others and of myself.

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