Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Starting the process

So an update on our IVF journey. I just went in for my Saline Ultrasound at my doctors office. NOTE: Unfortunately, since the metformin has been doing a number on me, it was probably incredibly more painful and uncomfortable than for most, so don't let my post scare you.
I am currently nursing my cramps on the couch with the loosest clothing I could find, a warm blanket and some seltzer (my comfort drink). I would take a painkiller but they made me take a surprise antibiotic right before the procedure and  that already does a number on my horribly sensitive tummy, so I'd rather not push it. Plus I'm tougher than I read.
So the plan is that I go back to the dr. office in 6 days and start the bloodwork and ultrasound part of it, and then they give me the calendar for the meds.

So this is it, its really happening. I am scared that I am so optimistic about this... I know that I shouldn't think about the other end of this, but I can't help it being in the back of my mind.

My parallel plan is to keep myself as busy and entertained as possible. We have the house closing coming, the weather is getting nice (more nature hikes), lots of great movies coming out (Iron Man 3, Before Midnight, Great Gatsby, and Star Trek), lots of good books to get lost in, though I am still working on Cloud Atlas, and maybe a trip or two to the lake house. Throw in some boardgame nights and I should be all set.

I just pray that I can keep my sanity throughout this whole thing, because this TWW is going to be one of the worst... God give me strength... 

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